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TLF Panel Case Study - PR Survey for The British Egg Council

By Darren Wake, Business Development Manager, TLF Research

The British Egg Council represents the egg industry, providing standards for eggs and using the ‘lion mark’ mark to denote quality. As well as understanding more about consumers’ egg preferences and behaviours, the British Egg Council wanted to generate some interesting facts to drive a PR campaign about their work. 

Eggs and personality!

At the end of last year, a representative sample of 1000 YourSayPays respondents took part in a survey all about eggs. As well as some fairly conventional questions about consumers’ preferences for cooking eggs and how often they eat them, there were some much more creative questions. For example, respondents had to rate their personality traits, including how organised they were, how emotionally stable, how imaginative etc. They were even asked questions about their star sign as well as more conventional segmentation questions such as media consumption.  Amongst the findings were that:

  • Poached egg eaters are happier than most people
  • Scrambled eggs are favoured by secretive people who are typically without children
  • If you’re partial to boiled eggs you may be impulsive and reckless
  • Women are most likely to enjoy poached eggs whilst men prefer fried eggs, so no surprise there then!

Media coverage

Asking the kind of creative questions that generate quirky findings such as impulsive boiled egg eaters, is a tried and tested method for generating strong media coverage for PR campaigns. Following this survey the British Egg Council received media coverage in the Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Mail on Sunday, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times.

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