Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity is all about placing the customer at the heart of what your organisation does. It's about creating a customer centric culture where customer experience is the top priority - placing your customers' wants, needs, and challenges at the forefront of your product and service design process.

A Customer Centricity survey measures the gap between what it takes to deliver an excellent customer experience and how employees perceive the organisation to be performing today. This helps to create engagement and an action plan for improvement and becoming more customer centric.

You need this if…

  • You need to know your people’s view of strengths and weaknesses in your approach to customer experience – do customers really come first?
  • You want to ground improvements to culture and processes in the views of people at the front line

What we do

  • Centricity questionnaire based on the “Top 10 Traits of World Class Organisations”
  • In-house web survey design and hosting (mobile optimised)
  • In-house analysis and reporting

What you get

  • Project managed research programme. To ensure we're asking the right questions to the right people to effectively measure Customer Centricity
  • Analysis & reporting. We'll agree how to break down your results with you, to give you the most actionable insight. This could be against the 10 Traits, by department, by job level or a range of other factors.
  • Benchmarking. We’ll benchmark your performance on the 10 Traits

Contact us to find out more about our Customer Centricity research programmes.

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