Storytelling & Culture Change

From a customer’s perspective, research can be frustrating because they don’t know what is being done with their feedback. It’s important to communicate to customers to show how important the survey is to you and what you’re doing to improve. We’ve seen that customer communication can make a big difference to response rates (demonstrating that you listen) and improved perceptions.

Internal communication is also essential, helping to bring the customer experience to life within the business, and to drive home cultural and behavioural change.

Our creative team can help you build and engaging story for customers and staff.

Internal Comms


Bringing the customer to life. Getting the right balance of information and emotional connection, in a consistent and compelling way, is essential...

Customer Comms


Finding the right level and mix of information that resonates with your customers, while maintaining confidentiailty, can be a difficult process. It...



Nothing beats the emotional connection of listening to a customer direct. When that’s not possible, video is the next best thing. We have lots...



Whether you need a short video highlighting the high level results or a longer, more detailed video, animations can offer an engaging output to most...



Infographics are a great way to distil key information into a compact and visually appealing design. The nature of the content can vary from the...

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