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It’s pretty well established that the way customers feel about an organisation is made up of a mixture of rational evaluations (like value for money), emotional feelings (perhaps I associate a brand with a particular treasured memory), and can even be influenced by minute unconscious cues in the environment (one hospital found that neat rows of seats primed people to anticipate a long wait).

Understanding the total customer experience requires getting to grips with all of these things, and understanding how they interact with each other. There are strategic things like value perceptions, long-term satisfaction, loyalty, brand image; then there are the more tactical areas about satisfaction with individual events, often influenced by factors tangential to frontline product quality or service performance.

This model can look quite complex, but it basically boils down to:

  • How do customer attitudes (thoughts and feelings) affect their behaviour?
  • How does what you do affect customer attitudes

Using the right mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques, targeting individual moments of truth and the overall relationship, we can help you answer those questions.

We conduct over 500 surveys a year to help organisations improve their customers’ experience, satisfaction and loyalty. Click here to get in touch and find out how we can help you to improve your Customer Experience programme.

Our role is more than collecting data and delivering insight. We support our clients to translate survey results into actions that will improve their customer experience.

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