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Are you communicating the results of your customer research effectively?

We believe customer research is one of the most important, forward-looking, pieces of management information for your business. However, we understand that the key findings can sometimes be lost in the masses of data collected.

Finding the right analysis, and the right way of presenting it, is crucial for engaging your internal audiences and ultimately gaining value from your customers.

Using creative techniques to present data can bring your research findings to life and tell an engaging story of your business from your customers’ perspective.

If you're interested in learning more, this afternoon workshop is for you.

The workshop has a packed schedule and your afternoon will be broken down into bize sized sessions. These sessions will provide you with practical examples to help you develop the skills and knowledge to make your research findings more impactful.

Topics covered include:

·      Getting attention – telling a compelling customer story
·      Winning the argument, linking attitudes to business impact
·      Strategic versus tactical measures
·      Chart design – maximising clarity and impact
·      Infographics – the good, the bad, and the ugly
·      Dashboards, monitoring the right things and resisting knee-jerk reactions
·      Managing customer metrics for granular feedback
·      Building the bridge to action – using customer data as the basis for change
·      The impact of big data and social media
·      10 ways to fool yourself with data

On this occasion there will be a 2 course lunch served at 12pm.

Registration Time: 13:00
Course Start Time: 13:15
Course End Time:  16:30



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