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Employee Engagement Surveys

Why care about engagement?

Employee engagement is crucial to building a business strategy around long term, sustainable, relationships with customers.

“Loyal employees in any company create loyal customers, who in turn create happy shareholders.”
Sir Richard Branson

Almost no one would deny the importance of engaging customer-facing staff. What really makes the difference between the best organisations and the rest is the extent to which they invest in engaging all staff throughout the business. As well as being happier, engaged employees have been shown to benefit organisations financially because they behave in ways that directly benefit the bottom line (e.g. lower turnover) and improve customer experiences.

The evidence that this works is now pretty powerful:

”…taken together, and supported by the case studies of organisations who are using employee engagement to boost performance, we suggest the overall picture becomes compelling.”
Macleod & Clarke, “Engaging For Success”

Measuring engagement

An effective employee survey needs to start with a robust measure of engagement. There are a number of well-established academic scales for measuring engagement, with different strengths and weaknesses that we can discuss with you. One of them is likely to fit your needs.

The survey also needs to include the drivers that a business can use to improve engagement (e.g. job satisfaction, management support) and key outcomes such as intention to remain. The drivers will vary subtly in different organisations, and best practice would be to start by talking to employees to find out what matters to them. Using that insight we can design a survey that reflects their priorities.

Improving engagement

Measurement is a starting point. It gives you a picture of how engaged employees are, how it varies across the organisation, and what makes the difference. Now it’s time to take action to improve. Often that comes down to spreading best practice amongst frontline managers throughout the business; and the best way to do that is not with survey results, but with engaging communication and practical help. We can help you identify the management behaviours that make the difference to your people, and use our storytelling tools to communicate them in a way that drives change.

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