Customer insight has always been fascinating, but traditional research reports have often been dry and unengaging. You need to present the key information in a punchier way to cut through the noise and grab the attention of senior executives and frontline staff.

Infographics are a great way to distil key information into a compact and visually appealing design. The nature of the content can vary from very simple (designed to be quickly processed as a poster, for example) to more complex and innovative. All our infographics aim to marry statistical robustness and insight with graphic design flair.

TLF Research 2018 Results

August 1

Willing, but confused the UKs attitude to recycling

March 2

Satisfaction in Social Housing

November 7

World Teacher's Day

October 2

Client Conference 2017

July 20

TLF Research 2017 Results

August 1

UK Care Homes

February 13

TLF Housing Infographic

March 28

Christmas Shopping Trends

February 9

Hotels Infographic

March 28

TLF Research 2016 Results

March 27

Social Housing

February 13

TLF Engineering

March 28

Fit Facts!

March 28

Personal Care Brands

February 13

TLF Hire Infographic

March 28

Dairy Industry

February 13

The Power of Podcasts

August 23

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