Measuring the Emotional Customer Experience

Measuring the Emotional Customer Experience

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May 15, 2019 13:15 - 16:30

Measuring the Emotional Customer Experience


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Customer emotions are a vital part of the customer experience. You know that emotional intelligence at the front line is vital, and you train your staff to make the most of theirs. You know that appealing to emotions is a major part of the success of your marketing, and you try to find ways to do that. You may even realise that emotions can be the biggest driver of how customers feel about a journey.

But what does that mean for measurement? Traditionally emotions have been left to the qualitative parts of the research and insight world. Is it time to find ways to try to quantify and measure them, or is that simply not possible?

In this half day briefing we look at different approaches for using research to explore, understand, measure, and apply models to customer emotions.


  • What are emotions?
  • The interconnectedness of emotional and functional journeys
  • Using qualitative techniques to dig deeper
  • Using models to make sense of what customers say
  • Quantifying emotions
  • Designing for emotions


You will leave knowing what emotions are, and how research can understand and measure them to help you design more emotionally-aware customer journeys.


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