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TLF October Top 10

28th October 2016
  1. Your body text is too small: https://medium.com/@xtianmiller/your-body-text-is-too-small-5e02d36dc902#.aujdwe6sa

  2. Great advice on data visualisation from Mirko Lorenz in an interview with Andy Kirk: “Use data visualizations like a camera. Do not approach every visualization like a big project. Instead: Take many “shots”, try to find the best perspective.”

  3. Gamification isn’t quite the buzzword it was a few years ago, but it’s still important to think about how we engage people. Andrzej Marczewski has as useful “HEXAD” model for what motivates 6 types of people.

  4. Mark Ritson had an interesting piece on the impact of Brexit. Marketers can be reluctant to consider the price “P”, but a plummeting pound makes it essential.

  5. We’re going to start seeing VR more and more (what about a VR trip through your customer’s journey from their point of view?). IDEO report on some of the interesting work they’re doing with VR.

  6. Big news for computer speech recognition. Researchers from Microsoft have matched human levels of accuracy

  7. Phil Dourado found an apparently pointless label in his new passport. He has an interesting theory about why it’s there­—an application of “Nudge” theory.

  8. Here’s a great piece by Kaiser Fung critiquing the common big data practice of hypothesising from data, making up a narrative, then selling it with a chart.

  9. Seth Godin wants to know about the leaks we don’t see. We obsess about the things that are easy to measure, and miss the important stuff that’s hard to measure.

  10. It was National Customer Service Week at the beginning of October. What did you do for it? If the answer is “nothing”, then get planning for next year—it’s a great opportunity to make a splash around the customer.
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