Panel Research

TLF have an online research panel with over 55,000 UK consumers. Started in 2008 TLF Panel provides a reliable, high quality survey service for our clients and has created an online community for panellists. All managed in house, below are some example of how we use the panel, if you have any question you can call: 01484 467045

The whole panel is managed in house, the survey software has been written by our in house programmers to ensure that we have full control to offer flexible and tailored solutions for clients.

To keep our clients happy we understand that we need to give you the best price AND:

  1. Turn the results around as quick as possible
  2. Provide accurate data that’s been checked and double checked
  3. Keep you updated on progress

We are happy to give you advice on questionnaire design too as part of our service because we aim to be as easy as possible to work with. 

Before you use us you can try us for FREE and ask our panel 2 questions. For more information contact Tom Kiralfy

Below are the different types of research we carry out on the panel:


Attitude & Awareness


We have shown panellists photos of products and packaging with the logo missing to see what brands they can recognise and name competitors...

Product Testing


We have sent panellists new products and collected their feedback over time to understand the benefits they feel and seeWe have shown panellists two...

Perception Surveys


We have asked panellists a wide range of questions including how they shop online for car insurance, ease of switching utilities and buying a...



The TLF Panel has over 50,000 UK adults, segmented by various demographic criteria including gender, age, region, socio-economic group and...

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