Rethinking Your Customer Survey

Rethinking Your Customer Survey

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April 11, 2019 09:15-12:30

Rethinking Your Customer Survey


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Whether you need an introduction to designing a new customer survey or your existing customer survey would benefit from going back to basics, this half day briefing will make sure that you have the right questions for the right people.

Most organisations have a customer satisfaction survey in place BUT is it giving you the information you need to take action and change behaviours?

We’ll help you to review and rethink your customer satisfaction survey and look for ways to really understand if you’re “doing best what matters most to customers” and what you need to do to improve customers’ satisfaction.

This briefing will enable you rethink:

  • What is good and what needs improving with your existing survey
  • Are you collecting the most accurate responses
  • Can you increase your response rates
  • Analyse your data to identify the behaviours that matter
  • Create results that have impact

Briefing Content

Part 1: Rethinking the Appetite for Customer Survey Data

  • Identifying customer requirements
  • What does your existing survey tell you
  • What has your existing survey changed in the business

Part 2: Rethinking Your Questionnaire

  • Sampling
  • Survey methodology
  • Maximising response rates
  • Improved questionnaire design

Part 3: Rethinking Your Reporting

  • Analysing numerical scales
  • Analysing verbal scales
  • PFIs (priorities for improvement)
  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Exercise: calculating an index
  • Involving employees
  • Customer Experience Modelling


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