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The Web of Life

By TLF Research

There are eight distinct segments, each inextricably linked to the others by a complex network of gossamer-like connections. How we perform in one area of our life inevitably impacts on another and if too much, or not enough emphasis is placed on one or more areas it can have a detrimental effect on others.

The Web of Life™ tool encourages individuals to take a helicopter view of their lives and consider how satisfied they are with each of the key areas, rating them on a scale of one to ten. A rating of ‘0’ would mean that they felt completely dissatisfied with that aspect of their life, a’10’ that they were couldn’t be more satisfied with it. The scores are then plotted on the web and joined up so that at a glance it is obvious where adjustments should be made. A perfect life would be represented by a perfectly symmetrical Web, all eight areas receiving due care and attention, resulting in total harmony.

In reality, of course, most of us tend to concentrate too much on one area at the expense of another and often don’t realise that this is the case until the cracks start to appear.

At any point in time we can construct our own Web, customising it, if necessary, to identify at a glance which areas we need to focus on to restore some balance.

As you can see from the model above, the web is comprised of 8 segments which together make up 4 key quadrants. This compartmentalised approach can be helpful when trying to decide what to focus on, but in truth, the whole is more than the sum of its parts and can only function optimally if there is equilibrium.

The constituent parts are outlined briefly below:


Work (W)

Are you passionate about your job or do you dread Monday mornings? Are you on a positive career path that motivates you or stuck in a rut? Are you paid well for what you do? Is there some other kind of work that you’d rather be doing? Are you appreciated? Are you utilising all your strengths? Are you being developed?


Money (M)

Are you satisfied with your current level of income? Are you financially independent? Are you in control of your finances or do you spend more than your salary? Do you worry about money or are you relaxed about it? Have you planned for the future? Would having more money enable you to do anything different?

Lover/Significant Other (L)

Are you happy with your partner, or do you enjoy being single? If you are in a relationship, do you share the same values, enjoy the same interests? Do you make time for each other or perhaps spend too much time together? Is this person your soul mate or a stop-gap? Have you got the relationship you deserve? Is there mutual respect, trust and appreciation?

Family & Friends (F)

Do you spend quality time with your family? Do you have a loyal circle of friends who support and energise you? Would you go the extra mile for them and vice versa? Do you feel that your family loves you, or takes you for granted? Do they know that you love them? What will those closest to you be saying about you at your funeral?

Home (H)

Is your home a sanctuary or a stress pit? Is it a happy loving environment you enjoy or just a drain on your resources? Is the household budget under control have all the bills, the mortgage been paid? Is the house well maintained inside and out, or are there dripping taps to be fixed, shelves to be put up, lawns to be mowed and garage doors to be mended? Have you got an efficient system in operation for the routine household chores or do you end up doing more than you’d like to and resent it?

Body (B)

Are you as fit as a fiddle or should you exercise more regularly? Are you happy with your body or do you wish you could lose some weight or be more toned? Do you have a healthy diet? Do you drink or smoke too much, get enough sleep? Do you look after your general health – have regular eye tests, dental check ups. Do you feel energised and receptive to the world around you. Do you walk with your head held high, proud to be you and glad to be alive?

Personal Development (P)

Where are you in your Hero’s Journey? Are you in a fur lined rut or grasping every learning opportunity you can so you can realise your potential? Is your mind stretched and open to new opportunities? Are you studying or trying new things in your spare time or do you vegetate in front of the TV every evening? Have you set yourself goals to bring you closer to ‘living your dream’ or do you despair that life is meaningless and monotonous? Are you excited about what the future holds and do you possess a ‘can-do’ / ‘seize the day’ attitude?

The X Factor (X)

Sometimes you can’t put your finger on this, but it’s fundamentally about making a difference. Do you feel part of the community –connected and contributing? Do you feel at one with the world around you or out of sync with the rest of humanity? To quote Heather Small “What have you done today to make you feel proud?” Have you carried out any random acts of kindness lately? Do you appreciate the little things in life and marvel at the wonders of nature. Do you try to see the good in everyone? Do you have a sense of purpose, a philosophy on life that you are trying to live up to?

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