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TLF August Top 10

25th August 2016

1. Great HBR article mapping 30 fundamental customer needs into a hierarchy similar to Maslow’s pyramid. Key point is to always dig for the fundamental need behind anything customers say, which requires effective probing in the interview.

2. Seth Godin captures the essence of empathy in a brilliantly pithy quote. “If you believed what he believes, you'd do precisely what he's doing.” Not a bad thing to put up on your wall, that

3. Building trust with customers online isn’t always easy. Brandon Liebowitz shares 5 tips.

4. Good list of tips for effective data storytelling. This is something we’re always trying to get better at – let us know if you see great examples.

5. Kaiser Fung gives a great example of why who takes part in your survey is as important as what they say. There’s a reason we always show you that “who we spoke to” slide.

6. We liked this piece on the role of insight in innovation. Good principles, and a useful antidote to the idea that “customers can’t innovate”. They can’t, but they can help you do it better.

7. Ep. 126 of the “No Such Thing As A Fish” podcast talks about a strange instance of the (controversial and hard to replicate) priming effect—eating sweet things makes people remember things more fondly. Even stranger, people with a sweet tooth are nicer...perhaps doughnuts ought to be part of your recruitment strategy

8. Mark Ritson suggests Ryan Lochte may have opened up new opportunities for himself in the “...undiscovered territory of a completely new sponsorship quadrant that combines elite sporting prowess with a misguided moral compass and lack of mental acuity.” We’re pretty sure there is such a thing as bad publicity.

9. Robert Kosara complements his recent piece explaining pie charts are less bad than everyone thinks with one showing stacked bar charts are terrible. They really are. With very few exceptions, there are better ways to show the same data

10. Bruce Temkin shares research showing pay is not a significant driver of employees’ intention to quit. Can’t help wondering if “my manager” is a big omission from the chart, though.


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