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TLF September Top 10

29th September 2016
  1. This medium article gives a useful guide to Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases. Really important list to keep in mind when thinking, arguing, or trying to understand people.

  2. Twitter has a new button aimed at customer service. You need to think about how you may want to use it.

  3. Why internal comms people should think like marketers. Including using more insight, of course.
  4. IDEO on privacy, data, and trust. Trust is a word that’s coming up more and more.

  5. This is a sensible Marketing Week article on the weakness of demographic segments (especially generational ones). Segments can be valuable, but don’t drink too much of the “Millenial” Kool-Aid.

  6. A special micro greyscale Kindle edition of the classic “Information is Beautiful” is available for only £1.49.

  7. This wildly inventive 3D dataviz project is not something you’re likely to copy, but it’s fun to stretch the boundaries: Grimm tales visualised as a forest.

  8. The author of the Grimm piece gave a great talk at the MRS Best of Impact event, which I briefly wrote up at my blog.

  9. Garr Reynolds shares a classic Steve Jobs moment. Effective storytelling (or presenting), is about knowing your core values and communicating them simply and clearly.

  10. I can’t draw, but I’m a big believer in the power of visual communication. Dan Roam, of The Back of the Napkin fame, has a great guest post at Neuromarketing with some tips on getting started.
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