Action Planning From Customer Insight

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Customer research is always interesting, but many organisations struggle to translate the insights from their research into action plans that deliver real improvements for customers. This course will explain how to get the most out of your research, how to use it as a jumping-off point to design improved experiences, and how to drive through action plans. Over 3 chapters we’ll take you step by step through setting up your survey programme to find the insights you need, communicating and collaborating with colleagues through service design workshops, and drawing up action plans that will deliver.

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What to expect from the course:

The course is a 3 week structured self-directed online learning course, consisting of:

  • Weekly video sessions outlining topics essential to taking action from your customer insight

  • Exercises to help you develop your action planning approach

  • Downloadable materials to complement the weekly videos

  • Dedicate online community to share knowledge and network

  • Email, online and telephone support from your tutor, Stephen Hampshire

  • 2 live Zoom sessions with your tutor


Chapter 1: The Right Information
We’ll look at the role of your surveys (both strategic and tactical) in identifying Priorities for Improvement, mapping out what the Perfect Customer Experience looks like, and identifying what you need to do to improve.

Chapter 2: The Right Knowledge
The people best placed to take advantage of that insight are your colleagues throughout the business who, collectively, create the customer experience. By collaborating with them you can make sure they understand the research, identify concrete and specific actions that will deliver improvements to the experience, and secure their commitment to act.

Chapter 3: Action Plans that Work
Finally, we need to think about the role of leaders in the organisation when it comes to deigning a customer experience strategy, setting appropriate targets, and drawing up concrete action plans to achieve them. Without accountability, planning, and follow up you’re often left with nothing but a lot of good intentions.


The course consists of 3 chapters; each consisting of video lessons, community discussions, reading, activities, and quizzes to make sure you’re picking up what you need. We’ll provide resources for each chapter, and also point participants to useful material in books and online.

Once you've started your course, a new chapter will be released each week. Once a chapter have been released they remain available to access at any point.

Each chapter contains between 30-60 minutes of video lessons and combined with the other learning content we'd recommend spending at least 1-2 hours per week on the course. The time you spend on your weekly tasks is up to you.


Tutor support will be available from Stephen Hampshire through email and scheduled calls.

There will be 2 live Zoom sessions during the course (in week 1 and week 3), giving you the opporuntity to virtually meet Stephen and other learners on the course.

There will also be a dedicated learner community available with regular discussion posts asking key questions and common challenges.

Tutor support will be available for 4 weeks following the start date of the course.

How long will I have access to the course?

All course content will remain available for 6 months following the start date of the course. You can view the full Terms and Conditions of our online training here.

Your Tutor:

Stephen Hampshire

Client Manager @ TLF Research

After 23 years in customer insight, Stephen's view is different to most. He believes that creating great customer experiences is simple (though rarely easy). Insight comes from asking customers the right questions, and listening to what they say. Building a customer-focused culture is more important than improving your processes. Proving the ROI of customer experience is easier than you've been told.

Stephen stays abreast of the latest thinking in customer insight and analysis so that you don't have to. He combines straightforward reviews of cutting-edge techniques with real life stories to engage with his audience, leaving them inspired to make change.

Outside of work he’s also a keen photographer, craft beer buff, and probably owns too many stringed instruments.

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