NPS, CSAT & Customer Effort

It's important to have customer research metrics that will resonate with the board and deliver actionable insight. There are a range of headline metrics to choose from and we can work with you to indentify the right one(s) for your business.

Many of our clients often use a "basket" of headline metrics and we can incorporate them into nearly any survey. Three of the most popular metrics are:


NPS or Net Promoter Score is a customer experience metric that organisations use to measure how they are perceived by their customers and whether they would recommend them to others.


CSAT or Customer Satisfaction tracks how satisfied customers are with your organisation’s products and/or services. A CSAT score offers a ‘here and now’ reaction to a specific interaction, product or event. These CSAT scores can then be combined and weighted to produce an overall Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

Customer Effort

A Customer Effort Score or CES will measure customer service satisfaction with a single question, such as "how easy was it to deal with Company X?". The underlying thought is that by reducing customer effort you can create loyal customers.

One thing all these headline metrics have in common, is that they are just that, a metric. They offer a measure of customer experience - understanding the drivers and using the scores to improve is what really counts.

Get in touch to discuss how to make the most of headline measures in your customer research project. 

See below for more details on the headline metrics.

What is NPS (Net Promoter Score)?


There's no doubt that word of mouth (positive and negative) is a big part of the reason that customer satisfaction links to business performance, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) taps into that mechanism. Here we look at a definition of NPS and how we can help your organisation measure it effectively.

What are Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Scores?


Customer Satisfaction or CSAT is a no nonsense headline measure of how satisfied your customers are with your business overall, or with individual products and services. The heart of most customer satisfaction surveys, it can be used as a key performance indicator to track changes over time and identify areas for improvement.

What is Customer Effort (CES)?


Customer Effort or CES is a popular customer satisfaction methodology and can offer a compelling message in a single metric. Here we look at what it is, when to use it, and any pros and cons.

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