Plan & Act

You’re researching the customer experience in order to improve it, but organisations often embark on a survey without a clear plan of what they’re going to do with the findings. We can help you structure workshops and service design sessions so that you and your colleagues can clarify what you’re trying to achieve, link customer insight to your internal processes, and develop clear and specific action plans to improve.

Planning & Service Design


We've been delivering customer experience research programmes since 1996. We've worked with 1,000s of organisations across the country, large and...

Taking Action


You need this if… You need to get buy-in from your colleagues Your organisation is struggling to turn insight into action You don’t...



You need this if… You are looking to develop customer experience research knowledge and understanding within your business You would like to...

Customer Centricity


A Customer Centricity survey measures the gap between what it takes to deliver an excellent customer experience and how employees perceive the...

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