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This is a book about making the most of your customer survey.

Customer research is ubiquitous now, but much of it is a tick-box exercise focused on reporting a score. Nothing wrong with that, you might think, but with a little more knowledge you can use your survey to uncover genuine insights about your customers and what makes them tick.

If you’re serious about using customer research to design experiences that will create long-term loyal customers, then this is a great place to start (or review) your journey.

Over 10 chapters, this short guide will walk you through the options you should consider, and the decisions you need to make, to level up your own customer survey.


    1. Why Measure?
    2. Perspective
    3. Questions
    4. Sample
    5. Survey
    6. Analysis
    7. Reporting
    8. Action
    9. Beyond CSM
    10. What Now?

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