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Coronavirus and Customers

17th March 2020

Clearly we're all living through something unprecedented, but is there anything we can say with confidence about the impact of this Coronavirus pandemic on the customer experience?

Here are a few clear principles:

Customers are understanding
Almost all customers are reasonable and forgiving when external factors have an impact on their experience. We would not expect to see much direct impact on satisfaction because of problems with supply chain, staffing, etc., however...

Communication is more important than ever
...that is contingent on making sure that customers feel that they know what is going on. Communication and reassurance, always crucial to the customer experience, become even more important in times of crisis and uncertainty. You don't need to have all the answers, but you do need to show customers that you care about them and that you are doing your best to keep them informed.

Customer will remember how you behaved
When people are anxious it makes every interaction a "moment of truth". They will remember for years your behaviour as an organistion over the next few weeks. Understanding and generosity (e.g. waiving cancellation fees) will gain you a lot of credit. Seeming to try to take advantage of the situation (e.g. putting up prices for key supplies) will not be easily forgiven.

Stay safe and healthy, and remember that honesty and transparency are the key to keeping customers happy.

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