Panel Research

Our online research panel gives you access to the views of over 60,000 UK consumers. Whether you’re looking for quick facts and figures, the answer to a specific set of questions or to undertake more in-depth market research the TLF Panel could be what you need.

We launched the TLF panel in 2008 and since then we’ve worked hard to develop a quality research panel with extensively profiled and engaged panellists. We pride ourselves in providing first rate research and insight, and our flexible approach means we can deliver accurate results fast.

You need this if:

  • You want to understand consumer behaviour, usage & attitude

  • You need facts and figures for compelling content or PR campaigns

  • You want to measure brand awareness with a neutral sample of consumers

  • Creative, advertising and product concept testing

What we do:

  • Targeted surveys (nationally representative or specific groups)

  • Questionnaire design - Range of question types available, such as, multiple choice, open comment, ranking, imagery & video

  • Fast turnaround. 2,000 responses within within a week

  • Creative, advertising & concept testing

  • Recruitment for focus groups & interviews

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Get access to the views of over 60,000 UK consumers

what you get:

Straightforward pricing

View our rate card. You pay for the number of questions and responses you need.

Analysis and Reporting

We include basic analysis and demographic splits as standard.

Bespoke reporting

Available where required.


Creation and design can also be included.

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