Event Driven Surveys

Event driven, or transactional, surveys are a tactical tool to help you optimise the customer experience at particular touchpoints. Many organisations use these on an ongoing basis to guide improvements and measure progress.

You need this if:

You want a tactical (often ongoing) tool to optimise the customer experience at particular touchpoints. A good event-driven survey will:

Robustly measure customer satisfaction at a touchpoint.

Clarify the customer journey.

Measure what makes for the “perfect customer experience”.

What we do:

In-house telephone interviewing

Foreign language telephone interviews through a trusted partner

In-house web survey design and hosting (mobile optimised)

Paper surveys

In-house analysis and reporting (offline and online)

Do you know how experiences drive customer attitudes?

what you get:

Headline metrics

NPS, Satisfaction Index, or Customer Effort (or a combination) to track your progress.

Tracking report

Dashboard reporting gives you the tracking information you need to know.

Web portal

Our team of developers can build a portal to meet your needs, whether in-depth analysis or high level dashboard.

The perfect customer experience

Tracking performance against the “perfect customer experience” demonstrates the links to behaviours at the front line.

Deep dives

To be more than a tick box exercise, you need to dive into the data to extract insights you can use to shape the customer experience.

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