TLF Gems is our monthly podcast, in which hosts Stephen and Greg from TLF Research (with occasional guests) talk through topics in customer experience and insight. You can listen online, or subscribe through most podcast apps.


Using the Voice of the Customer to Change Your Organisations' Culture

Stephen quizzes Greg about his recent webinar “Using the Voice of the Customer to Change Your Organisations’ Culture“. ...


The Index of Consumer Sentiment

We now have over three years’ worth of data about consumer sentiment in the UK from our Index of Consumer Sentiment. In...


The Customer Experience Landscape 2022

Greg talks to Stephen about his annual webinar on the Customer Experience Landscape, and the five themes he identified f...


The Disabled Customer Experience

Last year we teamed up with Purple Tuesday to survey disabled customers on our panel in order to better understand their...


The Interview - Albert Evans

In this episode Stephen spoke to Albert Evans of ContactEngine to chat about the role of behavioural science in customer...


What is procurement good for?

Like most suppliers, we’ve had some bruising experiences with procurement and tender exercises. Is it all bad, or does p...


Trends in Customer Attitudes & Behaviour

What do we know about what’s changing in the way customers think, feel, and behave? The pandemic seems to have accelerat...


The Interview – Cat Lewis

We were really pleased to catch up with Cat Lewis, Head of Internal Comms & Employee Engagement at Reward Gateway, to fi...


Online Customer Journey Mapping Course

At the beginning of 2021 we launched a new online course taking participants step by step through the always-popular top...


How Satisfaction Pays

The foundation of a loyalty strategy is that customer satisfaction pays, in the long term, but can we prove it? In this ...


TLF Research Client Survey

It’d be pretty hypocritical if we didn’t survey our own clients, wouldn’t it? Greg and Stephen discuss the timing of our...


Mitie’s NPS Success Story

Based on the Spring 2021 Customer Insight Magazine feature article, Greg and Stephen talk about the lessons we can all d...


Measuring Trust

What is trust, can you measure it, and do you need to in order to understand your customer relationships properly? In th...


Book Launch: Your Customer Survey

Greg interviews Stephen about his new book Your Customer Survey: Using Research To Build A Distinctive Customer Experien...


Insight into Action

Greg and Stephen talk about turning research insight into action to improve the customer experience, based on Greg’s web...

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