Film is often more engaging than static presentations or reports, and is increasingly seen as the most effective way to communicate for many people.

Nothing beats the emotional connection of listening to a customer direct. When that’s not possible, video is the next best thing. Alongside video, animation or motion graphics are a great and cost-effective way to communicate results, customer comments, and action plans from your research.

We have lots of ideas and examples of short films communicating survey results, customers’ comments, your Chief Executive’s commitment to customers, or your next steps to improve customers’ experiences.

You need this if:

You need a more human connection for your storytelling. Video is an engaging and dynamic way to tell your customer stories to colleagues, and to show customers the human face of your organisation.

What we do:


Editing and storyboarding

Video is often the most effective way to communicate.

what you get:

Customer stories

Individual case studies and experiences to bring customers to life.

Voice of the customer compilations

“VoxPop” style videos to show a range of


Results and feedback

Results summaries or Chief Executive messages to demonstrate commitment to action.

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