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We love reading, and people often ask us for recommendations. Here are some curated reading lists, in-depth reviews of new releases, and quick descriptions of established classics.

Book Review

TLF Gems Top Reads

Each month in our newsletter TLF Gems we recommend a "Top Read", a classic book which is relevant to customer experience...

Book Review

A CX Research Reading List

We're often asked for recommendations on books about research and insight. Here are 12 that we think are great (and yes,...

Book Review

Black Box Thinking

Who are Black Box Thinkers? Whether they’re developing a new product, honing a core skill or just trying to get a critic...

Book Review

Designing With Data

Review in a nutshell. Excellent primer on the key principles of accurate and effective data presentation. Useful summary...

Book Review

Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear

There’s no suggestion that the fears aren’t genuine, but ‘Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear’ suggests that our abil...

Book Review

This is Service Design Thinking / This is Service Design Doing

Despite being over 10 years old, it remains a useful reference for anyone with an interest in service design and, in par...

Book Review


Rosling's message is positive - the world is, for the most part, better than we think it is in terms of healthcare, pove...

Book Review

The Customer Catalyst

The Customer Catalyst promises a strategic view of how to run a business with a customer-centric mindset. Does it delive...

Book Review

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Is a little different in that it makes an explicit attempt to line up Ben's autobiograp...

Book Review

Artificial Unintelligence

It’s almost impossible to reconcile the state of AI as depicted in the media and the reality of AI that you encounter in...

Book Review

Economics in the Age of Covid-19

When I saw, at the end of April, that MIT Press had published a book on the economics of COVID-19 I was both impressed a...

Book Review

Ruined By Design

“Ruined by Design” is a passionate call to arms for designers to take responsibility for the ethics of their work and it...

Book Review

A World Without Email

Cal Newport has gained quite a following as a guru in the world of personal productivity with his previous books So Good...

Book Review

Bubble or Revolution

“Bubble or Revolution” is a great review of the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Should you be building a priva...

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