NPS, CSAT & Customer Effort

It's important to have customer research metrics that will resonate with the board and deliver actionable insight. There are a range of headline metrics to choose from and we can work with you to identify the right one(s) for your business.

You need this if:

You need a robust measure to track and monitor improvements in customer experience. Choosing the right headline metric is an important decision.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a very popular metric. It’s focused on the benefit that organisations can get from turning “Passives” into “Promoters”.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a no-nonsense headline measure on how satisfied your customers are with your business. A Customer Satisfaction Index will give you detailed scores for specific departments, products and services.

Customer Effort (CES) can offer a compelling message in a single metric. The ease of a customer’s experience is a strong predictor of loyalty.

What we do:

Many of our clients use a “basket” of headline metrics, and we can incorporate them into any survey. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate metrics for your business and customers, and ensure your questionnaire follows best practice.

Tough measures that will resonate with the board

what you get:


We’ll benchmark your scores against our league tables where possible.


We can set realistic targets for improving your scores.


Beyond the “one number” we will break your headline metrics down by segment, as well as looking to understand more about individual customer scores.


The drivers of promotion and detraction are often different. We’ll make sure you know what has most impact.

Data collection

Using whichever methodology is appropriate.

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