Customer Closeness

A Customer Closeness programme will provide richer and deeper qualitative insights for the senior leadership team to develop stronger emotional connections with customers, making the lens of the customer easier to adopt for service design and policy making.

Customer closeness isn’t just another scrutiny panel or research project. Whilst it adopts many of the principles of good qualitative research, the role of the ‘researcher’ is often carried out by you, with help and guidance from a trained facilitator and research team to analyse the outputs and get the most out of the opportunity.

You need this if:

You want to inform boardroom discussion through richer qualitative insights for developing stronger emotional connections with customers.

What we do:

Programme design

Expert facilitation

Reporting and analysis

Engaging outputs

Bring The Customer Into the Boardrom

what you get:

Customer Shadowing
Undercover Customer
Online Community Evenings
Customer in the Boardroom
Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping
Collaborative Workshops
Customer Videos

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