Online Communities

Online customer research offers you a flexible approach to connect with your customers and online communities offer an engaging platform to undertake a range of research. Customer engagement for the 21st Century.

Online communities can be more cost effective than focus groups and allow for a much deeper understanding, with participants given time to consider their responses and supply rich media to back up their responses.

You need this if:

You want to engage with customers to understand their lives and needs, but you don’t want to use traditional offline techniques. Online communities are cheap, quick, and a great way to engage with many customers. You’ll be able to interact with customers, set them tasks, ask them questions, and invite them to upload photo and video content.

What we do:

We’ll set up, manage, and run a community to address your insight needs, handling...



Community Management & Facilitation

Customer engagement for the 21st Century.

what you get:


Our findings, interpretation and recommendations, pulling out key themes and illustrated with comments and pictures.


Access to the community backend throughout the fieldwork and afterwards so you can see all responses.


The opportunity to co-create with real customers.

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