Customer Stories

Combining robust research with engaging storytelling can create a lasting impression.

Customer stories give you the opportunity to share the thoughts and feelings of customers interacting with your business - giving your colleagues a first hand account of what really matters.

You need this if:

You want to bring the customer to life within your business, helping your colleagues to understand the impact of the customer experiences you create. Qualitative research is the best way to bring customers to life in vivid detail, understanding their individual emotions, context, and decision-making.

What we do:

Customer Journey Mapping

Depth Interviews


VoxPops (video interviews)

Individual stories bring the customer to life.

what you get:

Individual Stories

Where qualitative research typically looks for themes, a case study approach helps you to focus in detail on the feelings of a small number of individuals.

Case studies

Case studies, particularly for B2B organisations, can help employees to understand key customers in detail, or showcase what success looks like to prospects.

Photo/video stories

Photo and video help to bring the stories to life, and are much more likely to engage and be memorable.

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