About The TLF Panel

The TLF Panel is a flexible market research solution and offers you easy access to the views and opinions of UK consumers.

We launched the panel in 2008 and since then we’ve worked hard to develop a quality research panel with extensively profiled and engaged panellists. We pride ourselves in providing first rate research and insight, and our flexible approach means we can deliver accurate results fast.

Whether you’re looking for quick facts and figures, the answer to a specific set of questions or to undertake more in-depth market research the TLF Panel could be what you need.

Popular Uses:

Insight into consumer behaviour, usage and attitude (U&A)

Facts and figures for compelling content and PR stories

Recruitment for qualitative research e.g. online communities, depth interviews or focus groups

Brand awareness and competitor surveys

Creative, advertising and product concept testing

Targeted surveys with a nationally representative sample or specific demographic groups

Key Features:

Access to 60k UK consumers

Validated and quality checked panellists

Straightforward pricing

Ratecard based on number of questions and responses required

Fast turnaround

2k responses within a week

Range of flexible question types

Multiple choice, open comment, ranking, imagery & video

In depth reporting & analysis

Gender, age, location & custom audiences

Pricing Ratecard

We keep our standard rate card nice and simple, our pricing is based on the number of questions and number of responses required from all UK consumers. Perfect, if you know what questions you want to ask and who you want to ask them to. We also provide bespoke solutions for more in depth market research. From help with questionnaire design and question routing to audience segmentation and detailed reporting and analysis, get in touch to discuss how we can help on your next research project.

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What is YourSaypays?

The TLF Panel is branded as ‘YourSayPays’ for panellists and has its own dedicated website where panel members login and access new surveys every day. On the website, panellists can complete available surveys, view their survey history and current balance, browse survey results and join in conversations on the YSP Community.

The panel is made up of over 60,000 UK consumers, aged 18 and over, all genders, across all regions and socio-economic groups within the UK. All profiled, screened and validated during recruitment.

Panellists are incentivised for each survey they complete, from 10p for completing shorter surveys to £5 for more in depth surveys and up to £50 for focus group recruitment.

They are segmented by demographic variables during sign-up, including – age, gender, region, nearest city, household income, profession, homeowner status, number of children, and many more, allowing for highly targeted surveys and a more granular breakdown of results.

Why not register on YourSayPays, complete some surveys and see the panellist experience for yourself?



We know that it’s not just the time taken to conduct the research or the number of responses we can provide that is important…but also the quality of those responses. It’s no good having 2,000 responses captured in a week if you can’t trust the data provided!

To ensure we capture only accurate, trustworthy, reliable responses we have a number of different quality checks in place throughout the panel process, including:

At sign-up:

  • We validate email addresses to ensure respondents are genuine.

  • We capture basic demographic information which can be compared against answers provided in surveys.

Throughout survey lifespan:

  • Profile data is constantly updated in real time as panellists have direct access to update their settings. Our system then automatically checks updated information to ensure it is valid. Any incorrect information is rejected.

  • Our software prevents respondents from continuing with a survey if their answer does not match the required format/response.

  • Survey results are manually checked for quality and speed, to ensure there are no ‘straight-line’ answers or inconsistent responses, they are also checked to ensure surveys are not completed at an unrealistic speed.

Respondents found to be providing dishonest, nonsense or inappropriate answers will have their responses removed and be immediately banned from any further action on the panel.

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