Customer Engagement

Showing you’ve listened is the perfect way to build a postive customer experience following your research programme. “Closing the loop” by communicating to customers what the survey has told you, and what you are going to do as a result of it, is a vital part of any customer engagement strategy.

Finding the right level and mix of information that resonates with your customers, while maintaining confidentiailty, can be a difficult process. It requires a great deal of thought, but can make a big difference to your research and the perceptions of your organisation.

This is where we come in. We can show you best practise on what / what not to share with your customers and feed into your customer engagement plans with  creative customer communications.

Let us help you get the story out there.

You need this if…

  • You're developing your customer engagement strategy
  • You want to manage customer perceptions
  • You need to connect changes to the survey process
  • You want to increase response rates

What we do

  • Finding the story
  • Comms planning
  • Graphic design & creative

What you get

  • Engaging Deliverables. Our team will deliver storytelling creative that works

Contact us to discuss how the communication of your customer research and survey results can form part of your customer engagement strategy.

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