Storytelling & Culture Change

Customer Comms

Showing you’ve listened is the perfect way to build a postive customer experience following your research programme. “Closing the loop” by communicating to customers what the survey has told you, and what you are going to do as a result of it, is vital.

Finding the right level and mix of information that resonates with your customers, while maintaining confidentiailty, can be a difficult process. It requires a great deal of thought, but can make a big difference to your research and the perceptions of your organisation.

This is where we come in. We can show you best practise on what / what not to share with your customers and help you create engaging customer communications.

Let us help you get the story out there.

You need this if…

  • You want to manage customer perceptions
  • You need to connect changes to the survey process
  • You want to increase response rates

What we do

  • Finding the story
  • Graphic design & creative

What you get

  • Engaging Deliverables. Our team will deliver storytelling creative that works
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