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Customer Empathy

How well do your employees understand your customers? Closing the perception gap between staff and customers can be a crucial step in making sure you get the most from your customer research. A customer empathy survey is a quick and easy way to find out where you are.

Improving their customer empathy can help your employees understand the how and why of customer feelings and as a result they will be better prepared to solve their problems and meet their needs.

For example, a mirror survey can help you identify the difference between customers and employees perceptions - what your customers see as their main problems versus what your customer service team believe they are. This is a powerful tool and can help you prioritize areas for improvements.

You need this if…

  • You want a simple measure of how well staff understand customers.
  • You need to gain buy-in to the importance of measuring customer views accurately.

What we do

  • In-house web survey design and hosting (mobile optimised)
  • In-house analysis and reporting

What you get

  • Perception gaps. We’ll build analysis of the perception gaps in to your customer survey report to show where employees are seeing things differently to customers
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