Employee engagement: Keeping staff engaged at home

If you’re like us, you and your colleagues have been through a lot recently and we think employee engagement has never been more crucial.

It is clear all organisations have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Whether employees have implemented new working practices, adjusting to working from home, or making tough decisions about their job, we’ve all had lots to think about. With so many changes happening, it is more important than ever to keep your staff fully engaged.

We’ve had our own challenges here at TLF Research, and in this report we wanted to share how we’ve approached our employee engagement recently and what we’ve learned in the process. We also look at these themes in the wider view with a UK representative survey on the TLF Panel - with hybrid working seemingly here to stay it does raise some interesting questions about how to keep them, and all your employees, engaged.

Downlaod the report below.

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