The Index of Consumer Sentiment Quarter 4 2023

As we close in on Christmas, we're pleased to share the final Index of Consumer Sentiment Report of 2023.

This report digs deeper into the link between consumer sentiment, inflation, and other macroeconomic indicators. A lot depends on consumers' personal circumstances, life stages, political persuasion, who they spend time with, and which papers they read.

We've also added some more free response options to the survey this time, which garnered a lot of interesting comments that gave a really rich insight into how people are feeling. There was a strong sense that financial anxiety is a very real and widespread thing for many of our panel.

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Has consumer sentiment found a new, lower, level?

In Q4 2023, consumer sentiment has increased slightly. Taking 2023 as a whole, it seems to have found a new level which is higher than the very low point of 2022, but still a long way short of the level we saw up to Q1 2020.

  • The Index for Consumer Sentiment has risen around 2 points to 66.4

  • Through 2023 the ICS has varied between a low of 64.5 and a high of 69.3

  • The Index of Consumer Sentiment correlates strongly with inflation and other macroeconomic measures

Sentiment continues to follow a similar pattern in the UK, USA, and EU.

  • All three groups are settling to a new, relatively low, level

  • US consumer sentiment has slipped slightly behind the UK

  • EU consumers are closest to their pre-pandemic norm

TLF Research founder, Nigel Hill, had the following to say in his foreword:

As we close in on Christmas, it's important to remember that many of your customers, and perhaps even some of your staff, will be feeling these kinds of pressures. Your ability to respond appropriately - with empathy, understanding, and real help where it’s needed - will be remembered long after the current crisis

Download the full report now and let us know if you have any questions.

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