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Exploratory Research

Qualitative research is about understanding, not measurement. Itís the basis of good customer insight because it allows us to design research programmes that reflect how customers see the world.

Exploratory research is also an essential tool to build the deep empathy for customers that you need for customer experience design.

You need this if…

You want to understand the “lens of the customer” – how things look from the customer’s point of view.

What we do

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Focus Groups
  • Depth Interviews
  • Telephone Depths

What you get

  • Questionnaire. If your qualitative research precedes a quantitative survey, we’ll design a questionnaire that reflects what matters most to customers.
  • Presentation. We’ll give you an in-depth presentation of our findings, interpretation, and recommendations, pulling out key themes and illustrating them with verbatim comments.
  • Recording/Transcript. All recordings and transcripts are available if you want them.
  • A chance to hear from real customers.
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