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Housing Associations: Making your tenants feel safe during the repairs experience

12th November 2020

How has Covid affected the repairs experience of your tenants? And how do you reduce anxiety for tenants caused by the experience? Our latest report 'Making your tenants feel safe during the repairs experience' explores these questions.

From the 9th to the 17th September 2020, we surveyed over 2,000 participants on the TLF Panel. The participants were made up of social housing tenants, private renters and homeowners to find out how safe they feel about letting workmen into their homes during the current Covid pandemic; what they’re worried about, what’s important to them, and – most importantly – what housing associations can do to alleviate these concerns.

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Key findings of the report include:

  • 42% of housing association tenants have been furloughed since April. So, many tenants were spending much more time inside their homes, and a large percentage of them were in the ‘at-risk’ category.
  • Anxiety about workmen is more common amongst tenants than amongst private renters or those who own their own home. 61.4% of tenants felt anxious about allowing workmen into their home to carry out repairs or maintenance, with 23.2% of them feeling extremely anxious.
  • In the last 5 months, 83.5% of tenants were due some kind of repair work that involved workmen entering their home. Of those, almost half (46.2%) were postponed or cancelled due to Covid.
  • Workmen behaviour such as showing their ID and cleaning up after the work remain the most important behaviours for tenants. However, Covid safe behaviours such as wearing a face mask and cleaning surfaces with anit-bacterial wipes are becoming just as important.
  • Catching Covid is still the number one concern, followed closely by the ability to pay their bills and anti-social
    behaviour in their area.

What next?

There is no getting away from it; Covid is due to be with us for some time. The report highlights that minimising the uncertainty around repairs and reducing any anxiety caused to tenants by the process must be a priority. We’d recommend implementing a simple 3-step plan:

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