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July 2018 UKCSI

17th July 2018

Commissioned by The Institute of Customer Service, the UKCSI (UK Customer Satisfaction Index) provides insight into the state of customer satisfaction in the UK for 13 key sectors. The UKCSI is published twice a year, in January and July.

Latest Results

The UK Customer Satisfaction Index in July 2018 is 77.9, 0.3 points lower than in July 2017.

This is the first time since January 2015 that two consecutive UKCSI surveys show a decline in overall satisfaction. There is also continuing evidence that consistently outperforming the sector average for customer satisfaction is linked to better financial performance. 

"Making it easier to contact the right person to help me" was identified as the biggest improvement organisations need to make.

Download the free executive report here. It’s a fascinating read, and a great source of facts.

About the UKCSI

The UKCSI has been conducted by The Institute of Customer Service since January 2008.

45,000 customer responses, geographically and demographically representative of the UK population are included in the UKCSI. 13 sectors are covered, 11 in the private sector along with local and national public sector.

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