TLF Research Install External Defibrillator in Taylor Hill


We are delighted to announce the installation of an automated external defibrillator (AED) at our offices in Taylor Hill, Huddersfield.

We have always enjoyed being part of the fantastic community we are nestled in - from regular donations to Kirkwood Hospice through to providing food bank contributions to the Welcome Centre in Lockwood – we're always looking at ways we can give back to the local area.

Looking for new charitable ideas we chanced upon, an online resource that shows all publicly available AEDs. We soon realised that we were based in an area where the nearest defibrillators are miles way, which would be no good to anyone in Taylor Hill, Berry Brow or the surrounding areas.

With this in mind, we decided to raise funds for the installation of an AED by holding a charity auction night. We invited staff members and their families to donate items and join us on the night to place bids. We had some fantastic lots up for grabs such as bespoke wooden coasters, a photo shoot, handmade desserts, and bouldering sessions. The tense night of bidding was held at the Waterloo Suite in Lockwood Park, with each lot going for far more than was initially offered.

The following day, the takings were counted, and we were thrilled to have raised over a thousand pounds. The TLF Research staff had really gone above and beyond knowing what the money was going towards. But it didn’t stop there…TLF Research, as a business, kindly agreed to match any amount raised, bringing the total to well over £2,000.

After a long consultation process, and a lot of research (it’s what we do best!), the appropriate defibrillator was chosen and installed. TLF Research’s Managing Director, Jude Nottingham, said

We are proud to have been able to raise this amount of money for such an important piece of equipment for the benefit of the local community”.

“Should anyone ever need to use it, it can be found attached to the outside of our building on Fair Lea Road in Taylor Hill. It is a fully automatic AED, so is really easy to use, and the machine walks you through how to use it in an emergency.

We'll be sharing the details of the AED with the residents in our community and we hope it gives them some peace of mind knowing they have access to this life-saving device in the time of an emergency.