Our commitment to net zero by 2026

21 December 2022

Sustainability is at the heart of our view of what makes for successful organisations. We believe that great companies build success over the long term by fostering sustainable relationships with their customers and people.

But sustainability is not just about relationships with stakeholders, and it's time now for us to embrace our duty to the planet, as well as to customers and staff.

Here are the steps we're taking:

  • We have signed up for the Market Research Society's Net Zero Pledge, including commitments to achieve net zero by 2026 and to track and publish our carbon emissions

  • We have created an internal team to establish a baseline measure and create a plan for carbon reduction

  • We are working with specialist consultants Go Climate Positive to ensure we follow best practice

It's early days, but we're committed to robustly measuring and then reducing our carbon emissions.

"TLF wants to be a sustainable organisation and that's why we are working towards net zero. Knowing we are part of a sector wanting the same things is great and we are pleased to demonstrate our commitment through our pledge with the MRS to be net zero for 2026."

Jude Nottingham
Managing Director