UK Consumer Sentiment Bounces Back

17 March 2023

The Index of Consumer sentiment is our quarterly insight into the minds of UK consumers.

It tells us how confident they're feeling about their own finances, and also their optimism about the economy as a whole.

The detailed report with full analysis will be published soon, but here is the topline infographic:

UK consumer sentiment has bounced back significantly from a record low in Q4 2022.

There are still big variations in consumer confidence across customer types, but we have seen some of the gaps narrowing.

We'll put a lot more detail in the forthcoming full report, but some key findings are:

  • The rise in confidence mainly reflects increased optimism about the future, rather than the current economic climate.

  • Older consumers remain less confident than those under 45.

  • Women have closed the gap to men, and now score only 2 points lower.

  • Social renters are much less confident than those who rent privately or own their home.

Let us know if you have any questions, and look out for the full findings.