UK Consumer Sentiment Stable, But Low

4 August 2022

The Index of Consumer sentiment is our quarterly insight into the minds of UK consumers.

It tells us how confident they're feeling about their own finances, and also their optimism about the economy as a whole.

We're working on a detailed report, but you can see the topline trends in the infographic below:

UK consumer sentiment has stabilised after its huge fall last time, recovering slightly to 57.4.

This is still a very low score, meaning that the cost of living crisis is very much still with us.

Consumers' level of confidence varies a lot, and we can see that many people are even less confident in Q3 than they were in Q2.

We'll put a lot more detail in the forthcoming full report, but some key findings are:

  • Men are still more confident than women, but the gap has narrowed

  • Consumers over 45 are much less confident than younger consumers, and their index is still dropping

  • Income correlates strongly with consumer sentiment, with a big split at a household income of £40k

  • Sentiment predicts household spending - this demonstrates the impact of customer sentiment on their behaviour

Let us know if you have any questions, and look out for the full findings.