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TLF November Top 10

29th November 2016
  1. The Institute of Customer Service published its Breakthrough Research report into the impact of employee engagement on customer experience. We were pleased to work with them on this report, and it’s turned out really well.

  2. While we’re on the subject of motivating staff, we’re enjoying the visual summaries of key Behavioural Economics principles on Dan Ariely’s blog.

  3. If you (like us) are increasingly worried that the AIs are taking over, play this neural network doodle game and be reassured/alarmed.

  4. Good piece on the B2B Marketing site about who owns Customer Experience.

  5. We talk about empathy a lot. It’s incredibly important to Customer Experience, but what if future technology could help us feel each other’s emotions? This video considers what it might look like. Horrific, frankly.

  6. None of it is rocket science, but this a good Marketing Week article on the importance of joined-up thinking about customer experience. They never quite use the phrase, but I like the term “service design thinking”.

  7. AI is everywhere, and now we can expect to see it taking over low-level HR questions.

  8. There’s some great advice from Ira Glass of “This American Life” fame in this piece. Really good tips on organising interview recordings into structure about half way down, which is very relevant for customer research.

  9. One day we’ll do a Top10 that doesn’t quote Seth Godin, but this is not that day. In this post he explains why dealing with things that break (specifically websites) is part of your job, not a random emergency.

  10. Metaphor is a really important part of telling your customer story visually. This article talks about its use in illustration more generally.
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