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By Mike Ball, Client Manager, TLF Research
Issue: 34

For almost forty years now Overfinch has been redefining the Range Rover, delivering new standards in luxury, styling and performance to create the ultimate expression of an iconic brand. From their Birstall base the company supply vehicles to wealthy and often famous customers all over the world; customers who will not settle for second best and who demand excellence.

Placing exceptional customer service at the heart of the business Overfinch brought in The Leadership Factor in 2012 to conduct their first customer satisfaction survey. The objective was simple – to define those areas of the product and service that Overfinch customers felt was of greatest importance and to understand how well the business was doing in satisfying those needs.

Initial qualitative research was carried out to identify customer priorities and ensure the survey asked questions about areas that matter to customers. Exploratory research based on depth interviews ensured that the questionnaire for the main survey was based on customers’ most important requirements as well as providing additional insight through detailed comments. 

From the initial list of 50 criteria the 20 most important were identified and used for the main survey. They covered areas including Overfinch employees, the cars, alloy wheels, bodykit design, service and vehicle handover providing comprehensive insight. Telephone interviews were selected as the most appropriate methodology for conducting the survey to combine both scoring and comments with The Leadership Factor’s dedicated interviewers able to gather detailed comments and probe for reasons behind the scores given. Matthew Hall, Marketing Manager for Overfinch said  “The survey is very impactful. It is really good to have a view of how the business is doing overall.”

The results and analysis gave the Overfinch Directors the depth and detail that clearly showed the areas for investment and development. The survey identified the criteria that are satisfaction maintainers (those areas customers expect you to get right as a minimum) and the satisfaction enhancers (the opportunities to wow the customer). The results clearly supported the business in putting customer service at the heart of its strategy as criteria including knowledge of staff, staff keeping promises and commitments and being kept updated on progress through the sale were all vital.

With an emotive subject such as a luxury car clearly recommendation / Net Promoter was a key measure alongside The Leadership Factor’s Customer Satisfaction Index and the results demonstrated a very clear link between satisfaction, recommendation and repeat purchasing.

The results were delivered to the board by Michael Ball, Client Manager at The Leadership Factor and concluded with the Priorities for Improvement, those areas that the survey results demonstrated would deliver the greatest impact on customer satisfaction on loyalty from investment and improvement. Andrew Mccarthy, Managing Director of Overfinch said “The presentation, analysis and information across the board offered us real value. It was easy to understand with lots of visuals and graphics making it easy to digest.”

Since the results the business has been busy making improvements to their already impressive customer service and has already noticed an impact with positive feedback from recent customers who said the exceptional service made their car purchase feel special.

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