Use Of Personal Data - The Institute of Customer Service Surveys

Revision date: 15th January 2021

This privacy notice provides information about the personal data collected for the purpose of surveys and the ways it is used.

Surveys are managed by TLF Research on behalf of The Institute of Customer Service (The Institute) and are conducted on behalf of their participating membership organisations. We would like you to participate in surveys with confidence that your privacy will be respected and that any information you provide will be handled securely. TLF Research is a Company Partner of the Market Research Society and complies with all applicable data protection legislation.

Does TLF Research have your personal data?

Surveys can be mailed out by participating membership organisations directly to customers and in this case, TLF Research will not receive your personal details, unless you provide them as part of your responses to the survey.

TLF Research can also mail out surveys on behalf of member organisations. In this case the participating membership organisation will provide TLF Research with contact details of customers to allow them to send the questionnaire out and invite customers to take part in a survey.

Does The Institute have your personal data?

The Institute does not receive personal data. TLF Research acts as a data processor on behalf of The Institute and their members (who are the data controllers) and processes the data for the purposes of the legitimate business interests of their client, The Institute, and their member.

How did TLF Research receive your details?

The Institute’s membership organisations provide TLF Research with the information necessary for TLF Research to contact their customers and to enable them to gain feedback from their customers. This helps them to improve their customer service and the experience they provide.

What information does TLF Research collect?

To conduct the survey, TLF Research will process information which may include personal data (such as your name, address, etc.), engagement information (such as interaction methods), as well as collecting your survey responses.

How does TLF Research use the information they collect?

TLF Research provides the information that they collect to The Institute, who share it with their member organisation. This may include (but is not limited to) aggregated survey results for all individuals who responded to the survey, aggregated results for groups of customers amongst those who responded to the survey (e.g. males), comments and free text provided by respondents. Your personal details will not be attached to information that TLF Research share with The Institute and their member unless you have agreed to this during the survey.

Who does TLF Research share your information with?

Your data is stored on servers hosted by AWS in the UK and Ireland. TLF Research also shares information with The Institute and their member, as described above.

How long does TLF Research keep your information?

TLF Research retains the information in a format that allows them to identify individuals for as long as they need to in order to provide a service to their clients. This would typically involve keeping data in this format for a period of twelve months, although TLF Research may retain it in this format for longer if they need to do so in order to meet the terms of a contract with a client.

What if you change your mind about participating in this survey?

Participating in this survey is voluntary. If you have recently completed a survey and wish to have your responses removed, please e-mail, providing your name and details of the survey that you completed, to allow us to identify you and comply with your request.

Data Protection

TLF Research is a trading name of The Leadership Factor Ltd, which is a registered company with registration number 3145836. TLF Research is also registered with Information Commissioner’s Office and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices please contact TLF Research’s Chief Information Security Officer, Joanne Wainwright by email at TLF Research takes these matters very seriously and would appreciate the chance to try and resolve the matter for you.

You have also the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

There is more information available on your rights on the Information Commissioner’s website.

GDPR legislation provides individuals with a number of rights in relation to their personal data. You have the right to request access to the personal information that TLF Research hold, to ask for personal information to be corrected if you believe it to be incorrect, to ask for your personal information to be erased and to ask TLF Research to stop processing your personal information.

Please notify TLF Research by emailing if you:

  • would like to see the personal data TLF Research hold about you

  • believe that the personal information that TLF Research hold about you to be incorrect and

  • you wish to have it corrected

  • would like TLF Research to delete your personal data

Have completed a survey and do not want your response to be included in the results.

TLF Research will then work with The Institute and their member to comply with your request.

There is more information available on your rights on the Information Commissioner’s website.