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Relationship Surveys

A customer relationship survey is a strategic tool showing you where you stand in terms of meeting the needs of all customers, and how this contributes to their behaviour.

You need this if…

A robust relationship survey will give you:

  • An accurate measure of satisfaction for all customers
  • An understanding of the links between customer attitudes and the behaviours which make or save you money
  • Insight into what the key events are that make the most difference to how customers feel

What we do

  • In-house telephone interviewing
  • Foreign language telephone interviews through a trusted partner
  • In-house web survey design and hosting (mobile optimised)
  • Paper surveys
  • In-house analysis and reporting (offline and online)

What you get

  • Detailed report. You’ll receive a detailed report and final presentation with a full explanation of all the results, detailed data tables such as results by segment, and a complete transcript of all customer comments.
  • Targets. We will recommend realistic targets, based on our database, for you to improve from year to year.
  • Priorities for Improvement. We recommend the 3-4 areas to focus on for the biggest gains in satisfaction and loyalty.
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