Storytelling & Culture Change

From a customer’s perspective, research can be frustrating because they don’t know what is being done with their feedback. It’s important to communicate to your research story to show how important the survey is to you and what you’re doing to improve. We’ve seen that customer communication can make a big difference to response rates (demonstrating that you listen) and improved perceptions.

Internal communication is also essential, helping to bring the customer experience to life within the business, and to drive home cultural and behavioural change.

Our creative team can help you build an engaging story for customers and staff. Get in touch to find out more.

Colleague Engagement


We can offer a range of planning and creative support to bring the customer to life within the business. We have found this to be a crucial part of building engagement with the survey process, getting attention, and beginning the process of culture and behavioural change.

Customer Engagement


Showing you’ve listened is the perfect way to build a postive customer experience following your research programme. “Closing the loop” by communicating to customers what the survey has told you, and what you are going to do as a result of it, is a vital part of any customer engagement strategy.



Film is often more engaging than static presentations or reports, and is increasingly seen as the most effective way to communicate for many people.



Alongside video, animation or motion graphics are a great and cost-effective way to communicate results, customer comments, and action plans from your survey.



Customer insight has always been fascinating, but traditional research reports can be dry and unengaging. You need to present the key information in a punchier way to cut through the noise and grab the attention of senior executives and frontline staff.

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