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Storytelling, Magic, and Augmented Reality

20th October 2017

In our Storytelling Workshop we talk about the importance of finding a hook that will grab the attention of your intended audience. You also need to find something that will pin that story into their brains - a "gleaming detail" (Nancy Duarte) or "lean forward moment" (Norman Hollyn).

There are quite a few ways to do both, but one of the most globally effective ways is magic. Even chimpanzees find magic tricks fascinating. That's why we love the potential of Augmented Reality - there's something magical about being able to overlay content on top of the real world. It gives your content a strangely compelling quality, even though we know it's not real. Pokemon Go's success showed how engaging it can be.

AR has huge potential for improving the customer experience in high street retail, but we're more excited by its potential to turn flat posters into dynamic and complex pieces of storytelling, particularly for communicating to customers and staff.

The New Yorker set the bar incredibly high with this beautiful piece of work by artist Christopher Niemann, but it's a tool that will be increasingly accessible as AR features are built into smartphones' native OS (rather than requiring a separate app).

Next time you design a flat piece of communication, think of what you could do with AR to bring it to life.

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