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TLF Gems Newsletter October 2020

19th October 2020


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"They must know that they are allowed to make mistakes."

Jan Carlzon

One day I'll go back through the archives of this newsletter and see just how often I've featured Seth Godin, but I know it's a lot. He has a gift for taking a profound truth about customers, bringing it to life with a specific story, and packaging it into a memorable phrase, all in the space of a blog post of no more than a couple of hundred words.

The word "insight" is used so much that it's become devoid of meaning, but to me this is precisely what an insight is. It's a truth about the world, interpreted to make its meaning for the audience clear, packaged into a pithy, memorable, phrase. These insights don't have to be earth-shakingly original, but if we can make them memorable then they have a chance to shape the decisions of colleagues at the front line.

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Stephen Hampshire

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