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Trust as a driver of performance

30th September 2016

bookThe other important aspect of trust is its role within organisations. I’d highly recommend Geoff Colvin’s book “Humans are Underrated”.

In it, he explains that trust based on regular interaction (particularly between individuals with high Emotional Intelligence or “EQ”) leads to better performing teams. The “Team IQ” of a group is strongly related to the EQ of its members, but unrelated to their IQ.

Unless you work on your own, EQ is likely to be more important to doing a good job than IQ.

Colvin gives the example of Steve Jobs’ “inner circle” at Apple – a team that had been together for 13 years when he stepped down as CEO in 2011.

The flipside can be pretty frightening – data from the National Transportation Safety Board shows that 73% of airline incidents happen the first time a crew flies together.

Building trust within your organisation will make your people more efficient, happier, and more able to build solid relationships with customers.

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