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UK Customer Satisfaction Index - UKCSI - July 2019

29th July 2019

Through the UKCSI, The Institute have tracked customer satisfaction in the UK since 2008. During this time there has been significant change, with a more challenging economic environment and increasing customer expectations.

The latest report shows that over the last 2 years there has been a continuous decline in customer satisfaction in the UK. Chief executive of The Institute, Joanna Causon had the following to say:

"This should be a concern to anyone who cares not just about the quality of customer experiences, but about the sustainability of organisations and the short and long term prospects for the UK economy.

Fewer organisations have improved their customer satisfaction year on year. More customers are experiencing problems with organisations and worryingly, more of these problems relate to organisations not keeping their promises or commitments."

You can download a free PDF copy of the July UKCSI report on the Institute of Customer Service website here.

Download The UKCSI Report


Summary of latest Results

The UK Customer Satisfaction Index in July 2019 is 77.1 (out of 100 points); 0.8 points lower than a year ago. Though the decline in customer satisfaction is small, it is the fourth consecutive drop since July 2017 when the score was 78.2.



Other key findings from the report include:

11 out of 13 sectors have lower customer satisfaction than a year ago. Utilities has seen the biggest decline in customer satisfaction compared to July 2018

Nearly a third of the 254 organisations rated on the UKCSI have seen a fall in customer satisfaction of at least 2 points This number has increased compared to a year ago (22%) Only 11% of organisations have increased by at least 2 points

Customers are experiencing more problems, especially broken promises.14.3% of customers experienced a problem, the highest level we have seen. The number of customers who cited an “organisation not keeping its promise or commitment” as a key cause of their complaint is at its highest ever rate, being mentioned in 17% of customer problems

First direct is the highest rated organisation with a UKCSI score of 86.8



Achieving a 9 or 10 for customer satisfaction is linked to especially high levels of trust, recommendation, loyalty and reputation

Almost one in four customers (24%) have been directly influenced by a recommendation from a friend or family about the decision to use an organisation

Customers whose experience was personally “very important” or for whom an experience happened “at a difficult time” demonstrate the highest levels of trust and recommendation, if organisations give them excellent service

Based on the findings in this UKCSI, The Institute have highlighted five recommendations for improving your customer service. Find out more about these and the key actions you should be taking in the report.


About the UKCSI

The UKCSI has been conducted by The Institute of Customer Service since January 2008.

The research is based on 45,000 customer responses representative of the UK population. There is a focus around 25 key metrics that measure the quality of customers’ interactions and relationship with organisations.

Customers are asked to rate their experience of dealing with a specific organisations in the previous three months. 254 organisations received a UKCSI rating across 13 sectors in July 2019.

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