Customer Research Agency

Who we are

We are TLF Research and we've been designing tailored customer experience and market research programmes for over 20 years with a proven track record of improving clients’ customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.

We work with customer-focused organisations of all shapes and sizes, B2C and B2B. Our focus is on providing first class and actionable customer insight, enabling them to drive change from their customer research programmes.

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How we work

From qualitative exploratory research and customer journey mapping, to quantitative customer satisfaction surveys, action planning and customer engagement, we'll help you deliver actionable research aligned with your business objectives.

We work with customer-focused B2B and B2C organisations of all shapes and sizes, in most UK industries, on projects worth anywhere from £3,000 to over a million. We develop relationships that last - we're really proud that 9 out of top 10 clients have been with us over 10 years.

We know that every research project is different and we've developed a range of solutions to create tailored research programmes. Find out more about how we can help below.

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“What I like about TLF is that they don’t just walk out of the door when they have been paid, they behave like a partner in that they always keep in contact, respond very quickly to ad-hoc requests and always suggest how we can improve.”

Courses and events

We offer training courses & events on subjects around customer experience. Useful tools to give you the knowledge and skills you need. See our upcoming events below.


Qualitative Research

Good customer research means looking at the experience the way customers see it. We use qualitative techniques to get close to customers so that we can understand their thoughts, feelings, and decisions. Exploratory research will make sure your survey is measuring the right things.


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